1001 Nights: The Adventures

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fun story and characters.

No option to turn off the hints.

1001 Nights the Adventures is going to have you play as Sinbad, one of the most well-known adventurers. This is a name that many of us have heard at some point, and this game gives you the chance to explore deeper into the tales and stories surrounding him. In this game, it is all about how he saved the love of his life, Princess Chalida. Instead of saving her from fiery dragons or deep, dark pits, however, you are going to save her from another fate, being stuck in a body of wood. You have to find the seven gems of her royal crown and you are going to need to break the curse in order to save her from this terrible fate.

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Finding these gems and breaking this curse is a large task. In 1001 Nights the Adventures, you are going to be doing this through mini games and puzzles, which are all enhanced by beautiful graphics. You have to make sure that you search every area possible because she is depending on you. Stuck in that body of wood, you are her only hope. Complete the puzzles and push your way through to the end so that you can break the curse and be with the woman that you love.

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The puzzles in 1001 Nights the Adventures include hidden object and finding specific scenes, and there are mini games and plenty more to keep you interested. It is a challenging game that makes you think and that requires you to pay attention completely. If you are not giving this your full focus, you may not be able to make it to the end. Even if it seems like an easy game, remember that there are surprises and challenges awaiting you here. You are going to have to give this game your all with every new puzzle you come across.

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The riddles, graphics, and mini games in 1001 Nights the Adventures all make it one of the most fascinating games out there. This is the type of game that not only challenges you mentally, but also keeps you captivated. You have a game that appeals to you on various levels, from how beautiful it is to the intriguing story to everything that you have to do to win. You are going to have a lot here to love from the very beginning, and it is only going to get better the further into the game that you go.

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