Age Of Empires III

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Great multiplayer system.


Welcome to the strategy award winning collection of the three epic award winning Empires III. Where you’ll find all three of them in just one game, it’s a first, and it’s monumental!

Come on over to Asia, and watch the ending unfold, as the Asian Dynasties struggle to get power. The powers of Europeans will be controlled by you, while you have them explore lands that have never been explored before.

As with other RTS genres, it’s mostly about defending home base, creating a larger source of gatherers, and having a plan that uses great strategic measures when it comes to taking down the enemy.


You will use the settlers to build things like stables, to keep livestock in, and the churches. They will be able to get the necessary items needed, such as food, coins, and wood. The settlers are the backbone in forming the society.

All these things will help in producing your military units. They are also going to help in the defense of the base, as well as create a variety of other tasks for the community, such as using the infirmary to create another useful resource.

Remember, half of the point in the gameplay is to build and create, yet, the other half consists of destroying and tearing down the enemies and their towns and villages. The military units that you’ll be using will be divided into four parts: artillery, infantry, calvary and ships. Each of these will themselves have more units, and etc,. The different units within each of them are: musketeers, pikemen, and crossbowmen, which are the infantry types.


All of them will have their weaknesses and strengths. The main thing to know is the strength of each unit, and position them for the right battles, having them placed for the targets they are best at. And that’s how you win.

You are going to find eight different civilizations: Spanish, Ottoman, Dutch, Portuguese, German, and British. Each will have their own military units to access. Totaling over thirty-seven in all. Throughout the game there will be a different age stage for each of the civilizations, they are: Colonial, Industrial, Discovery, Fortress, and Imperial.

You will be able to progress through the ages of the civilizations. Each time you progress to a new age you get units added for your use. You will have plenty to do here, with things to build, places to see, and battles to be won.


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There is a captivating storyline to this, and as a single player taking on missions after mission you’ll be following the story behind it. With each mission you complete, things will get a little bit more complex. Gradually everything will reach a more difficult level of play.

There are tutorials offered for you beginners, to help you when first starting out to keep you from becoming discourage. And there will be some of the skirmish games throughout, which you can play the computer, or on the internet, and over the networks.

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