Alpha Protocol

6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Decent stealth component.

Minor bugs, and shooting system is flawed.

Alpha Protocol takes what you love about spy and action packed games and creates something entirely new. This is a modern spy experience, where you are attempting to prevent World War III using your skills and knowledge as a trained spy. You have to move swiftly and sneakily, you have to take out enemies, and you have to become a master of everything.

Prepare for one exciting ride as you attempt to succeed, explore, and enjoy yourself, and all in a stunning game will keep you surprised every step of the way. There is no shortage of new, unique experiences here, so prepare yourself for what is to come.


Obsidian Entertainment, developer of Alpha Protocol, created this game with SEGA. The end result was something absolutely incredible. With only two games behind them, both sequels to other games, and a lot of experience in the field outside of Obsidian, there was a lot of hype surrounding this game.

People wanted to see what they could create, and they more than met expectations. The game that we have is spectacular, leaving everyone stunned and wondering what is going to come from this developer next. Every moment of this game is full of suspense and action, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you try to save the world.


Alpha Protocol is a modern day spy RPG, giving you a fantastic story that is not short on action. You have what you love most about spy games and RPGs, and in one title. It is able to stand out because of this, which is what so many love about it. You are not going to find this type of game elsewhere, especially not as well made as it is here. You have to aim straight, hitting the head and getting your shot just right, while trying to save the world from World War III and managing to keep everything in line. It is a difficult mission, but you can certainly handle it.

The story in Alpha Protocol is so much better when you get into it. The story and voice acting truly come to life, making the main character’s actions and manipulation feel more intense and real.


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You have the chance to move along with him as you attempt to learn more from people and progress through the game. This is what makes the game feel alive, and what keeps the action exciting.

You have choices in Alpha Protocol, too. It is not all story and action; you also have the opportunity to take advantage of situations for personal gain, just as the main character does. You can execute or save, or make any number of choices along the way. Unlike most other games, however, this is not to change how good or bad you are. Instead, it is to gain something more for yourself, like cash. You come away the winner no matter what you do. Let them live? Earn some extra cash. Execute them? You know someone terrible is gone for good.

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