Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

More than 100 levels.

Too easy with unlimited hints.

Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb takes you through Egypt in search of treasure. You are going to try to unearth treasures once assumed lost for eternity, and all through puzzles and amazing locations. There is no shortage of excitement in this game, and certainly no loss in challenges that will keep you thinking. You have the chance to move through Egypt using an ancient map, finding your way around in order to succeed. It is incredibly entertaining, and it only gets better the further into the game that you go. If you choose to move forward here, prepare yourself for some challenges that are sure to make you think.


You are exploring many unique locations throughout Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb. The developers did a great job building these locations, giving you beauty and wonder at every turn. While the locations and the general appearance of the game are not the main drawing points, they still bring in the mood that you expect. It feels as if you are travelling through Egypt, ready to find the ancient treasure that could make you rich. It will keep you looking forward and keep you excited to progress through the game, seeing more of these locations as you go.


In order to get your treasure, there are a few things that you have to do. Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb has several mini game puzzles that you have to complete. These puzzles are challenging, of course, but they are also fun. As you continue to complete them, moving through missions and finding clues to your treasure, you are going to wish that they never stop. While you may want to find the treasure and come out of the game the ultimate winner, it is these puzzles and challenges that are going to make the game as entertaining as it is.


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21 scarabs are hidden across Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb, too. Make sure that you keep your eye out for them because you want to make sure that you collect them all. If you do, you will unlock a second game mode. This adds more items to the room, making the game even more challenging than it already is. It gives you the chance to re-experience the game with some new difficulties. If you found it easy the first time, this will make the game a bit harder for you. For those who had a hard time before, be ready for some serious challenges the second time around.

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