Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

6.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

7 different styles of match 3.

No option to turn off the commentary of the blue monkey.

To say that Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is a simple matching or puzzle game is an understatement. Yes, you are playing a few different casual games that you have played before, but the package feels entirely new. The amount of content here makes it stand out in ways that similar titles cannot. You have a story, wonderful graphics and art and voice acting, bonuses, and challenges. You have everything that you want in a game that offers a casual playing experience. It gives you an experience that you have never had with these types of games, and that you may not have again with others.


You enter as Seth is nearing escape. Before he uses his Godly powers to bring chaos and destruction down on the people, you have to move through various temples to stop him and to keep him locked up. Doing so is not as easy as playing with a few chains or locks or keys, however. You have to go through temples and complete puzzles. You have to learn about magic on your journey to stopping Seth’s escape. Do this to restore the mysterious powers of Egypt, keeping everyone safe while having some fun for yourself in the process.


The visuals and voice acting are merely a welcome for you. The characters, the look and feel of the game help to guide you through the process of helping Egypt. The real treasure here is in the challenges with the puzzles. You have puzzles to complete at 7 different locations. A great thing about Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is that these 7 different locations offer unique experiences. It is not the same experience repeated. With every new location, you have something new to do. This will keep you challenging yourself mentally as you continue to make progress. As soon as you have a feel for the game, it is going to change things up.


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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah offers all types of bonus options for you. The bonuses that you can get throughout the game make it easier for you to succeed. As you improve, you can use these to make it through puzzles or even skip them entirely. Make use of magic and Khufu to start tearing apart the games, winning more easily. As the games become more challenging, you are going to need to do this to win. Without these bonuses, it is incredibly difficult to make your way to the end.

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