Battlefield 3

8.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Amazing graphics, and detailed maps.

Falls short on Single Player and Coop.

Battlefield 3 is a major release that offers the war experience in a way that players will find exciting and new, but without going away from what is expected. While the major story for single player game is unique to this game specifically, it is still the same type of experience that you adore. You are going to play as a marine in the middle of a violent area, fighting the enemies as you move through the story. The script is great without being too overpowering, helping you to enjoy the gameplay while having some story points to focus on to keep it feeling fresh. You also have multiplayer mode, of course, for those times when you want to test your skills and have a bit of fun.

Battlefield3 1

The single player mode in Battlefield 3 is a lot like what you would expect. You are a marine sent to an area in war, and you are dealing with enemies attacking you, surprise hits, snipers, and much more. If you have ever played these games in the past, you likely know exactly what to expect. The difference is in the story. This is where nearly every game changes, and it is no different here. You have a new yet still familiar story that helps to keep the game feeling fresh and interesting as you shoot, strategize, and take down enemies.

Battlefield3 12

Like most people, you are likely interested in Battlefield 3 because of the multiplayer mode. These types of games are famous for having incredible multiplayer modes, allowing you to be social and to have fun with ease. That is no different here. You can get in, become your nameless marine, and start taking out the enemy team. It is like an entirely different game, taking you through a world where you have to make your own choices and lead your own way. In order to succeed and prove your skill, you have to take out other players and come out the victor.

Battlefield3 3

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Both options keep Battlefield 3 interesting and fun to play. You have various tasks to complete in single player mode, while multiplayer really does offer an experience that is unlike most other games. If you want to succeed here, you have to make sure that you are putting time and effort into the game. It is difficult, especially with so many other players, but you are sure to find your way around with time. In the meanwhile, improve yourself over single player as you explore the story and take in the excitement.

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