Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2

9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Awesome player agency in campaign.

Controlling Strike Force missions can be difficult to understand.

Once you get into this brand new version of the game you are no longer going to roll them eyes at the thought of a different version. Instead, you’ll simply be glad that you did. The campaign in this will come with many surprises, along with it, it has been designed to offer you an improved multi-player mode, and even the brand new zombie mode.

It’s been given the nick-name of CoDBlops2, whereas, you’ll still get to run around with your friends from the last version, including Mason and Woods. There will be two additional characters in this version which is David, son of Mason, and Harper, his sidekick.

Black Ops1

As in the last version, the gameplay is going to keep you hopping between different time warps. One minute you may be in the 70’s with Mason and Woods, and the next minute you could be in 2024 with Harper and David.

There has been a little bit of a change in the pace so that it has sent the game in a different direction. The old versions only had the design so that missions were only done in the past, whereas, with the new technology the design will let you go to the past and the future.

Previously, you didn’t have much of a choice when it came to which path to take, pretty much lead you down a narrow passage to one place. Not now, you now have a choice in the  path you can take.

Black Ops3

You will be glad to know that you no longer have to worry about getting off the path and being killed, or failing the mission because of it. And there is no longer the slow motion effect here, in this new CoD series it lets its get played out.

This is a first, for a CoD series title, whereas, depending on the choices you make during the gameplay changes the ending of it, and there are three different ones that you can replay and get a different ending for each. These are based on the killing of certain characters, or the other way around, and you spare the lives of certain characters.

Black Ops12

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Also, in this version it offers you changes that are fresh to gamers. With more perks for the multiplayer mode, which include being able to run faster, it lets you reload much quicker, and damage to weapons is fast as well. There has been a load out created, letting you gain extra attachments.

With the brand new perk system that it now has, it lets you have more option choices. You can now customize your soldiers to your very own particular style. All this gives the multiplying more variety. You will find three new gameplay modes with the Zombie playing mode. They are the Survival, Tranzit and Grief.

From the characters to the models of guns, they have all been designed to be totally awesome. The single-player mode is exceptionally fun, and with the multiple endings.

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