Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Huge database of units.

Map is low res as you zoom in.

This game has all the military engagements from the 1950’s up to now. It does have 35 different scenarios, which vary in size. There is a scenario editor for your use with a map, and the entire world is on this. So is the planes, submarines, and ships that have been used in the past 60 years by our country.

Although, it takes a little bit of time to learn this games interface, and its fundamentals regarding its game engine, it is suggested that gamers take the tutorial mission. There are two of them, and they come with prompts to keep you on track.

The interface in this has all the information, which is well organized for you. Everything from battle orders to information on the in game data base. You’ll be able to access things like: weapons, damages, aircraft’s, and sensors, very quickly.


The maps are to be used going by color coding, and they cover sensor ranges and weapons. When orders are issued they will be giving in a straight forward matter. To plot your courses, and engage with targets, go faster, or slower, change your depth, or switch on sensors, to do this you will right click on a unit, and you can also use menu on top.

You’ll be able to bring together naval formations, and group units with ease. Of course, you will receive many, many missions throughout gameplay. You will be the one to tell your units when to strike, or refuel, reconnaissance, patrol, mine, or anti-mine in a specific place.


Micromanaging your units is another option you’ll have.  That’s where you give them specific way-points, weapons, tell the maneuvers to use on the fly. The appeal is that of a realistic simulation of the military. You will also have the ability to manage and control what you want within the game.

The AI is going to carry out orders out for you. Yes, you heard right, the AI will take the directions that you give out, then follow through with carrying them out. Sounds too good to be true, but true just the same. An AI is intelligent, you can even use the AI for an opponent if needed. Ever heard of the roll of the dice to assign damage? You have now. Yes, combat does sometimes do this.


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The interface accessible commands, the automated missions, and scenario flexible editor, and the military operations all appeal to those looking in, from outside the rim. These are all appealing, especially to fans of a military strategic game that is this realistic.

A great feature here is that you can actually make your own war. If you have a few ideas on how you might be able to better this war, you get a chance here to prove it. The Commands integrated editor now offers you a functionality that is unparalleled for you to be able to create your own scenario’s. Or, to simply edit the already existing scenario’s. You will also be able to customize things in this game, such as: The sound effects, sensors, platform weapons, and the unit icons.

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