Dante’s Inferno

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Appealing story, and artistic graphics.

Rip-off of God of War. The game can get repetitive.

Battle your way through beasts and horror in Dante’s Inferno. You are going to find that this game offers an experience that stands out in with action / adventure games while still being able to offer the same type of gameplay that you want. You are fighting as you move through a story, battling bosses and making choices that are going to choose your ultimate path.

Will you be holy or unholy? Will you aid those you meet or destroy them? It is all up to you, and you can have a lot of fun with it. Everything from the combat to the setting to the general feel of the game make this one unforgettable experience.

Dante's Inferno3

Dante’s Inferno, while unique on its own, is a lot like similar titles in the genre. It has a different story to it and it has successfully improved upon features common in these games, but it still plays similarly to games in the same genre. You are your character, moving through an area and taking down enemies in an attempt to move forward. At its most basic, this game is a lot like other titles that you can pick up, but the layers that you add onto it allow it to stand out, which is what so many people love.

The story is what you might expect from the name since it is influenced by the literature. As with the games, however, it is influenced but not exactly the same.

Dante's Inferno9

It takes a lot of what you expect from the book and translates that to something that works as a video game. You have a story of action and wonder, taking you through darkness and horror. You are going to choose to become holy or unholy by your actions, helping those who need it or punishing them because they deserve it.

In Dante’s Inferno, if you want to choose your path, you have to choose your actions wisely. You have to choose whether you want to save or you want to punish them. The holy path is not one of many benefits, but it is one that allows you to help those you feel need it. The unholy path, however, unlocks upgrades, but you are going to be going a direction that is far from light.

Dante's Inferno10

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You have to choose the one that is right for you, or you can play as both. Since there are two paths here, the ability to replay this game is high.

The biggest appeal of Dante’s Inferno is certainly its combat. Whether you are fighting a few basic enemies or you are going up against a boss, the excitement and intuitive controls are going to stick with you. They make every battle more interesting and much easier to enjoy. You are going to want to fight your way through everything simply because of how fun it is. There is nothing chaotic, sluggish, or remotely bothersome about the combat in this game, which is what brings down many similar titles. It is entertainment and excitement all around.

Dante’s Inferno is free to play.

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