Deadfall Adventures

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Diverse locations.

Tedious combat.

In 1938, James Lee Quatermain found himself the object of much attention. This is because he is the great grandson of the heroic adventurer Allan Quatermain. Allan explored locations rife with supernatural creatures and powers, and people knew of him because of this.

For James, however, this was not much of a treat. He never believed any of those stories, though they did make it easier to get cash from those who did. With this cash, came people talking and laughing. People who either believed those stories and wanted to talk or who did not and wanted to make jokes. It made for a rough time. That is, until Jennifer Goodwin needed his help.


You play as James in Deadfall Adventures. He is escorting Jennifer on her journey to find The Heart of Atlantis. This journey takes them to Egypt, to the arctic, and to locations that they never would have guessed exist. While James is not too happy to do this at first, he does budge and agrees to go.

To go means to face Nazis that specialize in the occult and to go against supernatural creatures, changing James’ mind about the many adventures that his great grandfather talked about years ago. He now begins to believe in these tales, as well as the abilities of The Heart of Atlantis.


Deadfall Adventures is an action adventure game with a first person shooter perspective. You are in the first person view throughout these adventures as you explore many different locations across the world and as you find new puzzles to complete. For the adventure part, you have plenty to see and do with your equipment at your side. For the action part, you have FPS battles with a gun. Along with this are puzzles that will challenge you mentally. It is the true experience of any real adventurer.

You are visiting locations that will leave you breathless. The art here, from Egypt to the Mayan ruins, is stunning. The environments are fueling your fire to go on adventures and to explore the world in ways that only Deadfall Adventures will make possible.


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These environments also lead to special traps that you have to use to defeat your enemies. You have to use a mixture of your wits and the location to defeat your enemies quickly. You want to make sure that only you and Jennifer get to The Heart of Atlantis and that the enemies are not successful in their attempts to take you down.

Everything in Deadfall Adventures is true to the 1930’s style. You have the weaponry, items, and general appearance that will go with the time, as well as how the game feels. If you love mysteries from the early to mid 1900’s, you are going to enjoy this game. The game will make you feel as if you are part of the story, just as they did years ago. With the inclusion of multiplayer options, you can play along and have fun with your friends, too, to find The Heart of Atlantis.

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