Endgame: Syria

6.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Addictive gameplay.

Can get boring after a while.

Endgame: Syria is a new way to explore many events that may be happening in Syria at this moment. You are able to better understand the Syrian conflict through the eyes of the Rebels. This free news-game will allow you to use simulation that will have you interact with the gaming platform in order to explore real world events.

This great simulation is available for free on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android or browser on your PC. If you plan to play using your PC, you can get it on GameJolt, Desura Digital Distribution, IndieCity and many more.


This whole trading card news game was created in around two weeks and Game The News. net developed this in an attempt to show the world how the Syrian Civil War could be, has been and more. You are able to explore the various options and scenarios about the Syrian rebels as they make their way into a conflict and its endgame.

Every choice that you make will have a consequence such as what type of military that you send out, political paths that you go down, even the impact that it will have on Syria as a whole. Not only do your choices make a huge impact in current situation as you play, but it will affect the outcome . You are able to play it over and over again with various scenarios to see that different choices can lead to various outcomes.


So what makes this game so much better than the others? Not only are you going to be able to see reputable sources that helped to aid in the creation of this game, but you will get to see what the Rebels had to attempt as they try to overthrow the Assad Regime. The two phases that are available such as the Military and Political versions.

During the political mode, you will be able to try to gain the support by playing various cards that represent different actions such as having exiles donating money to the cause, foreign diplomats speaking out against the Assad Regime, and various other choices. Where the military mode has you deploying civilian vehicles that are equipped for war, militia growing, and assassins ready for various parts of war. With each outcome you will may have a civilian tragedy or loss of the country’s heritage and culture.


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Now you have to ask yourself are you willing to accept peace at any cost that it may have? What if the war that is started leaves only one option left and that means extreme actions taken against rebels, is that something that you would agree to?

Can you win the whole war and earn the peace that follows? When you play Endgame: Syria. The main goal is to either rid Syria of the Assad, reach peace, or have a troubled peace as well. The outcome is on you.

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