Europa Universalis 4

8.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Balances fun and history.

Music is repetitive.

Developed by Paradox Dvelopment Studio, Europa Universalis 4 is the fourth of the popular, and award winning series. It is based around the building of an entire empire where it’s your responsibility to build and expand. This has become one of the most popular styles of entertainment. But you not only build, you have full control of the nation, where you must lead it over time and create a global empire that will dominate.

You will have freedom as you rule your nation over the course of many centuries. The history within this exciting entertainer is very accurate and makes learning history fun as well. Filled with strategy and tactics, exploration trading, you even get to experience warfare and diplomacy.


Main Features Include:

  • Decision making: Build your nation as you vision it with complete flexibility.
  • Monarch Power: You will experience this new system where your decisions influence gameplay.
  • Experience History: Due to the accuracy of the history, it’s like visually being there.
  • Experience History: Play over 100’s of years, exploring the vast world as your own personal playground.
  • All new trading system: You be able to possess control over the trade routes, and more.
  • Practice negotiating skills: The deep diplomatic system allows you to make negotiations. Royal marriages, rebel support, your opinion matters.
  • Cross platform Multiplayer: You have the choice of battling against your friends, or you may help each other in co-op mode. Up to 32 people can work with each other to control a nation.
  • Choose your own history and game customization: That’s right you may customize and create mods for basically anything you can vision using Steam Workshop.


Europa Universalis IV is a real-time strategy that simulates a real political stand point including economics and even military machinations. There are dozens of nation states that you will experience throughout time between 1444 and 1820. However, under all that surface excitement you will find a more complex gameplay. It’s one that a historian would love as you are provided with everything that would have been needed to become a global leader throughout history.

Once you get your head around the depth and complexity under the surface, there is yet another layer of extreme entertainment, the storyline. The storyline depends on how comfortable you are with the complex gameplay. Everything you do, every choice you make can change the story.  Each mouse click can mean a new exciting piece of history!


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Once you get started, you will choose your nation, and the year you would like to start in. You are also provided with suggested scenarios thanks to Paradox. You may choose to go with the nation they suggest for an interesting role in history, or choose one of the other hundred nations and do your own thing.

It’s suggested to start with a small nation, specially if you are new to the game. However, you can also select a larger nation such as France or Spain. No matter which nation you decide to go with, it will have it’s own set of characteristics which were defined by it’s history.

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