6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Decent controls with combos.

Long loading screens.

With a story and a lot of action, Garshasp offers the type of excitement that a game should. You are going to fight your way through the game, destroying enemies as a narration plays. This gives you some insight on this old Persian story. It is full of wonder and action, taking you through quite a bit of amazing locations.

Anyone who loves a good game where you battle powerful enemies and move through a fun story will want to pick this game up. It offers the type of experience that gets you in and makes you want to continue playing for a while.


The story here is fantastic. It based around Garshasp, who is said to have killed fabled and frightening monsters in Persia. You are following his story, listening to the narration that guides you along. You are learning more of the world, of this character, in a way that is intriguing. There are also some cut scenes that give you the chance to experience even more of the story. Of course, it is not the type of game that focuses entirely on moving through a story with very little action.  The game actually does a wonderful job of having an interesting story without making it too heavy of a focus in the entire game.

What most people love about Garshasp is actually the combat. It is a lot like similar titles, giving you a few basic moves and setting you out into the world. You are going to travel and you are going to run across numerous beasts, and it is your job to take them down.


With weapon in hand, you can do just that. The fighting is interesting and rather easy while still presenting a few challenges while you play. You can develop your fighting skills here without feeling as if it is impossible and without becoming bored because of simplicity.

There is not a lot to the controls in Garshasp. It is a rather easy game to play, allowing you to progress and battle without it feeling too complicated. You know what you have to do and anyone, even if you have never played a game in this genre before, can manage it.


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Along with the great graphics and general appealing design of the game, it is the type of experience that anyone can get into and love with relative ease. You can start playing right away and start getting into the core of the game almost immediately.

Once you get into Garshasp, it is hard to take yourself away. The game is rather addictive, keeping any fan of the genre fighting and enjoying themselves to the very end. While it is certainly not the best game out there, it does a great job of holding your interest. You want to play and you want to destroy all of the enemies in your path, and you want to continue to unravel the rest of the story. It is the type of game that you may find yourself loving quite a bit.

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