Global Defense: Zombie World War

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

The game has good advancement. | Good sound effects.

Too many google ads.

If you are a fan of zombies and defense style gameplay, then Global Defense: Zombie World War is going to get you excited in all kind of ways. It’s the end of days, the dead have risen and the undead are attacking. You will be entering into the worlds last world war, humans vs zombies. Cities have come to ruin, the humans hide in what little shelter they can find and your mission is to create turrets on the roads to help protect humans, and taking out the zombies!

Features include:

  • Amazing graphics and audio: Visuals are high-resolution for great entertainment.
  • Group attacks: Unlike other titles, the zombies always attack in groups for maximum action.


  • Many locations: There are over 100 cities that you can go around killing zombies in. Each city has a different look.
  • 9 turret types: You have endless fun while setting up a number of turrets from Gatling guns to shock-wave generators and more!
  • Various zombies: There are many different types of zombies for you to encounter, human zombies, dogs and even bomb and titan zombies! The fun never ends!
  • There are two defense modes and three different difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Three special skills: You will have several specials including Space Laser, Shockwave Bomb and the B2 bomber for the ultimate zombie slaying!
  • Weapons: The weaponry consists of original modern war and a bit of sci-fi is mixed in for added fun.


  • Upgrades: You also have an upgrading system that is similar to Role Playing Games.
  • Achievements: There are 27 different medals that you can achieve throughout the game.
  • Chance Rewards: You will have a chance of winning a random item after you destroy zombies.
  • Ranking system: There is also a military ranking system, what ranking will you reach?

This is a strategy tower defense style game that will keep you entertained throughout your gameplay. You will face a bunch of various zombies and take them out with a vast assortment of weapons while moving up in rankings and gaining achievements along the way. Cat Studio HK, the developers had one thing in mind when they created Global Defense: Zombie War, mass zombie slaying action!


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Available on both Android and iOS markets, you can play offline as well and unlock everything the app has to offer without spending any money. You earn credits after each mission which you can then save up and use to upgrade your units as you progress through all 100 levels, which can each be played on three difficulty levels: Casual, Normal and of course Hell mode.

You even have the option of playing in Endless mode, in this mode the zombies will continue to attack and won’t stop. They will also gain strength as you kill each wave until they finally take you down. You have 6 passive stats that you can increase to start missions with more money, or have better defense, even auto repair your equipment. If you’ve always wanted to slay a whole lot of zombies, this is your chance!

Global Defense: Zombie World War is free to play.

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