Hazard Middle East

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fun and challenging.

Low quality graphics.

Hazard Middle East is an action packed, exciting real time strategy game that is going to challenge you and leave you wanting more. You have to use everything you have to attack your enemies and you have to be smart about your approach.

If you want to take down the threat, you are going to need to start developing a plan and work with it. Since this game is a lot of fun and comes with plenty of options, this should not be that hard for you. Go into it confidently and prepared and you should see this start working out for you.


You have an 11 mission, single player campaign mode in Hazard Middle East that is going to have you attempting to strategize and destroy with minimal damage to your own side. This may seem easy for some, but there are plenty of challenges present throughout all of the missions.

You have to juggle the difficulties with your skills and options well, and you are going to have to form plans that keep you moving forward. This is going to require your mind working at full if there is any desire to succeed. Of course, that does not mean that this is all thinking and no attacking.


One of the most exciting parts of Hazard Middle East is its action. You have the chance to kill your enemies and move forward on your own rather than just watching everything play out. If you find it boring to watch your strategy play out for you instead of playing a part in the action, this is going to give you what you want. Fight on various terrains and work your way through the enemy forces in order to earn money and win. It is no simple task, but the surprises and excitement offered are going to keep you playing and having fun.

All objectives throughout Hazard Middle East are going to have you destroying, building, taking over, or doing whatever you can to take out the enemy or build up your forces. Each of the objectives are different, of course, but they are still going to force you to push yourself further than you have ever had to before.


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While, in general, they are rather simple, they are still challenging. This is especially true when you have to manage the objectives while also developing a successful strategy. Since the AI is improved, the enemies in this game are not going to give you a break at all.

Fly, fight, and strategize your way to the top in Hazard Middle East with ease. The controls and general appeal of the game are amazing, ensuring that every person is able to play happily. There are no awkward jumps or issues that make playing feel clunky or confusing, and there are no serious problems that get in the way of you having fun. You can get right into the game immediately and start developing strategies that take down your opponents in minutes, and you can have fun the entire time.

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