7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Addictive gameplay.

Can get boring after a while.

Casual games tend to have few differences among them. They all feel the same, even though they offer different appearances. Yes, they have unique styles and some have special features that make them a bit more exciting, but few make their own path. Hexus is a separate game entirely.

You have a mixture of casual games in here that make it feel like a new game. That is mostly because it is. It takes a new turn that will give you an experience that is unlike any other casual game that you have played. From the setting to your actions to the mini games, it all feels different from other games out there.


A majority of the action in Hexus focuses on construction and building houses. It is set in Ancient Egypt, where you are going to build properties that fit the location. Many of the features here are unique and fit the area, keeping the entire mood of the game the same throughout. Of course, this is only a piece of it. While it is the core of the action and what you are doing, there are so many levels here, literally. There are 120 levels for you to complete that each have puzzles. You are going to go through each one, build, complete puzzles, and find your way to success.

Mini games also make up a large part of Hexus. You have 15 mini games, such as Mahjong and hidden object puzzles, to complete. Each of them offers challenges that will keep you thinking and pushing forward.


You are going to want to use your mind to succeed. Each one offers a different challenge that will help to keep the game entertaining rather than feeling monotonous. This will make sure that you are not doing the same actions repeatedly, which kills a lot of the excitement that people have for games at first.

There is a story, as well. Collect 10 Egyptian artifacts over the 120 levels to succeed. This means that there is a lot to explore and do before you come close to success. You have to keep your mind on the game as you journey through this path, as you continue to complete puzzles and build.


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You can only find these artifacts when you have pushed forward, stayed on top of the action, and progressed through the game. With so much to do, it is not that hard to move forward and have fun.

Your character in Hexus is unique, too. Choose gender, face, and clothes to fit your style or appearance. You can customize it to your personal style. Whatever you think is you, whatever you think best represents you, is what you can choose. Even if you want something wildly different, you can have it. With 70 clothing items for men and 75 for women, it is easy to dress your avatar up in a way that suits you. While they are not important to the story, the customization option here does a great job of making the game more entertaining and personal.

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