Immortal Cities: Nile Online

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

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Can get boring after a while.

Become immortal in Immortal Cities: Nile Online. Not through magic, not through killing, and not through amazing and powerful ways, however. You are going to become immortal by creating a city that will leave future civilizations in awe.

Like many of the Ancient Egyptians that we know and admire today, Nile Online gives you the opportunity to build a life that will have people viewing you in amazement for centuries to come. You can improve your empire, trade, and build immense monuments. The opportunities here are nearly endless. Your brand new civilization awaits so get to it and get to building.


Immortal Cities: Nile Online is an empire and civilization building game based in Ancient Egypt. You start with a small amount of land as well as a luxury, which can be one of many things. You have bricks and you have bread, the basis for life here. The bread is what gives the laborers strength while the bricks are what allow you to grow your city. You want to continue to build so that you can produce more goods and so that you can develop.

Along with bricks and bread, you need to collect resources, such as clay. You have to make sure that you are collecting enough of these resources to continue to build your civilization up as far as it can go. When you do build it, you will have the chance to improve your palace.


To truly become a God-like pharaoh, someone feared and adored by all, you want to create a palace that suits you. This means that you have to work on that civilization of yours.

Another thing that you can build are monuments. Building monuments requires limestone, as well as some protection. Bandits and other wrongdoers may threaten to destroy said monuments so you are going to want to build an army. Along with hiring more laborers, try to focus a bit of effort on improving your military. It is optional, though, since you are not facing any real threat in Immortal Cities: Nile Online.


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All of this building is not possible alone. Immortal Cities: Nile Online creates unique environments for the players where you have to trade to have access to certain goods. If there is something that you need to start building your civilization, you may have to trade on the market or trade wall or by trading with someone directly to get it. This is vital to make progress.

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