8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Instense action. | Well-detailed guns.

Some quirky animation glitches. | Slightly dated visuals.

Get ready to enjoy a brand new way to enjoy close quarters combat where the only thought on your mind is about your team being able to survive with destroying enemies as well as getting important strongholds.

What makes it better is that you are able to play in a co-op mode or a multiplayer modes that will have you wondering if you will make it out alive. This highly competitive and realistically lethal title will show you a balance between prolonged action and one-life gaming.


Not only will the gameplay have you oohing and ahhing over the gameplay but the features will have you playing until you are completely addicted. You have over 20 different weapons that you can use as well as various attachments for each one without the crosshair, in order to give you a realistic take on weapon behavior that include the intense suppression effects and a free aim system.

Since this game is all about being multiplayer, you will be happy to know that there are 27 maps that you can play on in 12 different environments that range from Somalia to Afghanistan. You can even have 32 different people or friends play in a great territorial battle, escorting high value targets, and even destroying the enemies weapon caches. You even have a chance to team up with your friends to complete mission type goals.


If you want to take the time before you jump right into the game, you can practice offline playing with AI enemies on any gaming mode. When you decide to play with other people, you can actually speak to them using a 3D VoIP as long as they are around you, and all your classes are completely customizable.

Stock up on gear to customize what you have and upgrade anything that will affect your stamina, weight, and even speed. If you get bored, you can create a custom map and content for the game using the SDK and scripting system that is all in Insurgency. Since, this is computer based, you can play on PC, Linux, and Mac.


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The various multiplayer modes will have you destroying anything that crosses into your path. Push mode will have you capturing territorial objectives from other teams in a specific order. For every objective that is captured you will gain more time and reinforcement on your next attack. The Firefight mode will have you doing the same but there will be a neutral objective.

The skirmish mode will allow you to protect a weapon cache, defend your cache and destroy your enemies weapon hold. There is even a great version of capture the flag called Infiltrate. It is similar to the popular gaming mode but there is a great twist on it, you will have to take the enemies intel and get back to your home base. You will only get reinforcements when someone takes your intel and is neutralized or takes the enemies intel. This gaming mode is all about strategy and coordination.

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