Masters of the World – Geopolitical Simulator 3

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Realistic atmosphere.

Steep learning curve.

The standards for industry in today’s world. In this entertainer it has Geopolitical Simulation, you are going to play the role of the Head of the State. It may be in one country, but there’s a possibility that it could be in more than one, giving you the opportunity to expand and let your influence be felt all around the world.

This has an engine simulation, which is unique. The game engine has over 600 elements of data, enough for 175 countries. It is calculated in real time. Depending on the actions used throughout the gameplay.

The following are a few of the ways the calculation are  figured: political relations, economic exchanges with other countries, popularity ratings, and various organizations. All of these use technology in this entertainer, it’s for training and educational purposes.


You are going to find over 1,000 actions here and all are playable. When in the countries helm, the head of state is allowed to do any of the following:

  • Taxation
  • Budget
  • Run the economy, with more than 130 activities
  • Currency

They also include:

  • Defense
  • Domestic affairs
  • Labor, social security
  • Health

And the list goes on and on. The thing is that each area must have laws to govern it. First, one makes a proposal, then they get voted on by the Parliament.

These are some examples of a proposed law:


  • Changing the age for retirement
  • Minimums for welfare benefits
  • Subsidizing an auto manufacturer
  • Deciding what a speed limit will be

And the list doesn’t end, you can also take elements from around the world and construct them yourself, to change some of the following things:

  • Wind farms
  • Nuclear plants
  • Pipelines
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Train lines

And so many more.

You have to remember that all your actions will have consequences to some degree. As with social groups, and lobbies. All will be intervened by either international or national figures, should their artificial intelligence people deem it necessary. This also includes resignations, strikes, interviews with the press, protests, wars, roadblocks, it has a infinite list to it.


For more screenshots, click here.

You can keep yourself from getting tense by calling a meeting with any of the figures, you can even make speeches, and address the nation if you want. And you can thank the intelligence services for you being able to have an arsenal of spies and special ops.

Someone may (at their own risk) reveal things that have to do with a political party. Such as a terrorist network, or reveal something and start a scandal, etc. You may be in charge of the military, if so you could move all of your units around, from where they are actually based in times of war conflicts.

There are over 50 international organizations, they have an important role in our society. For example, if you were at the United Nations, you could denounce another nation to obtain authorization from the Security Council to get military intervention.

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