Napoleon: Total War

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Historically detailed campaign.

Bad AI.

Napoleon: Total War brings the Total War series into a new direction, allowing you to play as or against this legendary historic figure. Known for his military accomplishments, Napoleon brings a lot of excitement and wonder to this loved and respected series.

You have the chance to go on new campaigns and to explore areas that are unique to this game. You are moving through wars that you have only ever heard about in text books, and you may even change history in the process. It is an amazing journey that anyone, whether you are a lover of history or you want a challenge, will find exciting.


Total War has always been one of the biggest names in real time strategy. Anyone who enjoys the genre, or who plays online in general, has likely heard of these games. They do a great job of challenging you, offering a lot of fun and entertainment, and taking you through history in one of the most astonishing and amazing ways possible.

This is no different with Napoleon: Total War, either. You have the type of game that you want in a real time strategy, and you have it with the historical connections that make it truly fascinating to play.


There are three campaigns in Napoleon: Total War. You have Italy, Egypt, and Mastery of Europe, which will take you across some major battles and that will challenge you in new ways as you go further and further into the game. These campaigns give you a wonderful mix of missions and sandbox play, allowing you to either progress through the campaigns or enjoy yourself. What makes this fantastic is the fact that the game mixes these together perfectly. There are no issues or jumps or slowed gameplay when going from one to the other; you can enjoy the full game however you want to enjoy it.

Everything in Napoleon: Total War has experienced a boost. Graphics, battlefields, weapons, and more are all better than ever before. This gives you a far more realistic and exciting experience that is going to keep you guessing, strategizing, and attempting to take down your opponents.


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Whether you are Napoleon himself or you are going against this incredible leader, you are going to find yourself in one of the most immense and incredible Total War games to date. The size and excitement of this game is going to have even veterans of real time strategies wondering what to do and fascinated by all that is available.

Modern and enjoyable multiplayer is another wonderful part of Napoleon: Total War. Everything is straightforward, clean, easy to use, and enjoyable, allowing you to make full use of it without any concern. If you are hoping to face off against friends and prove your skills, this game is going to make it a simple task. There is no worrying, no running around, and no wondering what you are going to do. You can get right into multiplayer as soon as you want to and start playing.

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