Nuclear Dawn

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Somewhat unique gameplay.

The online community is very small.

Nuclear Dawn mixes real time strategy and first person shooter incredibly well. These two genres have come together to give us something beautiful and exciting, something that is going to blow your mind away. If you are a fan of either of these genres, you should make sure that you play this game at least once. Of course, once you play it, you are likely not going to want to stop. You are in control of everything, from the movements to how you are taking down enemies to what your soldiers use, while having the chance to get on the field and actually shoot the enemies yourself.

The excitement, of course, starts with how your soldiers are going to move on the field. If you want your army to be successful, you need to plan everything wisely. You cannot just go out and destroy, and you cannot expect to do well if you have no idea what you will do.

Nuclear Dawn10

This game is not something simple where you are just going to shoot, kill, and repeat; you are going to have to plan everything out if you want to see your side come out the victor. This means deciding how you are going to stop the enemy forces and how you are going to eliminate them.

You are not just watching everything unfold here. You can actually suit up, grab your weapon, and get out onto the field, taking out your enemies with grace and power. Of course, the fighting in Nuclear Dawn may actually be different from what you are accustomed to in other games. You are not just holding down the trigger button and running forward. Even in this part of the game, you need some sort of strategy going forward if you want to do well.

Nuclear Dawn8

The battling here is difficult to master, even if you have played plenty of FPS games in the past. Choose your actions, your character, and your weapons well in order to win.

There are plenty of options throughout Nuclear Dawn. Unlike most other games, where your options are limited to which weapon you will choose, you actually have the chance to make the most out of this experience. It is a true strategy game, where you have to build your success using a variety of soldiers, weapons, and options that can each change the game in some way.

Nuclear Dawn1

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By choosing what is best for you, you can see this game come to life. It becomes the fun, interesting, and incredibly challenging game that you want.

Playing Nuclear Dawn is easy. The game has the power, accessibility, controls, and design that you need in this type of game, and it is certain to make getting into it a cinch. You will not have to worry about getting the game up and running or actually playing it at any point. While the gameplay itself offers challenges and is rather complex at times, you do not have to worry about seeing any of that in the setup or with how you play.

Nuclear Dawn is free to play.

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