8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Challenging and thought-provoking.

Few glitches.

PeaceMaker brings you into a world of conflict that has been going on for years. You are playing as either Palestine or Israel, and you have to try to bring peace to a world that has not experienced it for a very long time. You are going to attempt to bring people the life that they want, the peace that they deserve, or you are going to fail. It is a rather difficult process that may take a lot out of you, but that is certainly going to keep you enjoying yourself and challenged. Anyone who loves strategies and politics will want to pick up this incredible title.

You first have to choose a side. If you know anything about the struggle between Palestine and Israel, you may have an idea of which to choose. If you do not, however, you may want to just guess, or even look into a few facts before making a choice. If you do not care, however, just take a gamble.

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Either way, your focus is on peace. Since there are two sides here, replaying the game is rather easy and incredibly exciting. You can go on both sides and try to see which one brings peace the easiest, or which one is going to fail miserably the quickest.

Bringing peace is not all about way, as many other games would have you believe. In PeaceMaker, you have to make numerous decisions that affect your path, and that may or may not bring you closer to peace. You have to do this without just going in and shooting. You want there to be joy, and you want the peace to be real. This means making decisions, getting people talking, and investing your time and energy into handling these conflicts the way that you should. You are bringing peace, not forcing it.

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You cannot expect to have peace without listening to a few advisors. As with real politics, PeaceMaker is going to give you people that you should listen to and that you should consider when playing through the game. You have to keep them in mind as you make these important choices because they can change the direction of your game.

They may save the peace, and they may help you to take down all of these conflicts that have weighed on your people for years. Speak to them and learn what they have to say, allowing you to make informed and wise decisions.

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Playing through PeaceMaker is quite fun. You have not only the political stresses of the job, but also some nice art and experiences that keep it fun. It is going to challenge you without sacrificing the entertainment that you expect of any game. For people who enjoy a good political game, this is one to pick up.

It will change your view of the Palestine and Israel conflict, and even give you a deeper understanding of it as a whole. You can learn about this and see the conflict for yourself as you have fun.

Peace Maker is free to play.

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