Pyramid Solitaire – Ancient Egypt

6.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Addictive gameplay.

It's not telling you when no more moves are possible.

In this very popular solitaire entertainer you are going to be helping the Pharaoh, and his Queen with the building of the great pyramids now found in the ruins of Ancient Egypt. You’ll get a chance to meet with some of the other gamers, and see what they are saying about this exciting gameplay.

This is your chance to bring the good old magic of an enjoyable game to your IPad or even your iPhone. Whether you like to relax working the puzzles or simply staying on the couch and improving on your solitaire, you are going to have fun and will be glad you did.

You’re going to find it has a good storyline, and the theme goes perfectly with it. Below are a few features that you will experience:


  • Removing the cards to equal the number 13.
  • The kings do not have to be paired to be removed.
  • The point of it is to take all the cards out of the pyramid.
  • There has been many improvements put in through the designing process making it even more enjoyable during gameplay.
  • You click the stack, and turn three cards.
  • They need to be made accessible and can be use with the other cards.
  • You are allowed to temporarily put a card somewhere in the stack.
  • Remember, you want to take cards away from the pyramid, and to do this you will have to add your cards up and total 13 each time.
  • You play it with a deck of 52 cards.
  • Deal out 28 cards, putting them face up, shaped like a pyramid, with 3 cards left face up.
  • Form three stacks of cards at the bottom and leave the last 21 cards face down in the shape of a pack.


When counting up the scores afterwords they go like this:

  • Aces are one
  • Jacks are 11
  • Queens are 12
  • Kings are 13 (and you can remove them without pairing)

The remaining cards are calculated at face value. If you can get all the cards removed from the pyramid you can do the next round. But, if you fail, that’s right, the game is over.

When you use the opportunity to place a temporary card in the stack it can increase your ability to pair up more cards. This is because it allows you to get to those cards that may not have been accessible before.


For more screenshots, click here.

In order to pass a round with any success it will be necessary for you to use some strategic measures, and do some planning, lots of thinking will go with that. You can always use the undo button, this may be necessary for little mistakes.

You will receive bonus points each time you complete a level, if you do so quickly. When you complete a round you also will receive a bonus.

Here are a few Tips, and Hints to help out:

  • Remove your kings as soon as you can.
  • Plan all your moves.
  • Take advantage of placing a card temporarily in the stack.

Pyramid Solitaire – Ancient Egypt is free to play.

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