Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Addictive gameplay.

It gets boring after a while.

This picks up where the last one left off, as its sequel. You’ll be flying with Shameen, Abdulla Doo, and Shema on that magic carpet, going to Shapeir, which is a city in the desert. After you arrive, things will become more clearer to you. Then you began realizing that something is wrong, cause things aren’t as they should be.

Once in Shapeir’s sister city, you find out that the Emir of Raseir has disappeared. Although an investigation has already begun, the city of Shapeir is now feeling threatened. There is a powerful and dark unknown magic about. With Emir of Raseir’s disappearance it has made folks think there is something bigger to come, something much more scary and dangerous.


You will be playing the role of a Hero from Spielburg. It is going to be your responsibility to seek out where the dark magic is coming from, and abolish it. Restoring Emir to his rightful throne in Raseir.

This has been designed by Sierra Online, and the credit goes to Sierra for such a wonderful idea, having a 16 color game with luscious beauty. The other genres of this type started using 256 colors after releasing this game, but it’s obvious that by utilizing the 16 EGA it has somehow gave off an array, causing such an illusion of many more colors. One could say that it has been given an array of the Borealis.


The designer has perfectly matched the graphics to the pace of the game, with such great details, having an atmospheric projection to it. You’ll find that the background music blends in with the Arabian sitting, and has an been effectively set with the mood throughout.

Holding on to the past title, with the Arabian style, this has  got a bit of a twist to it, which creates a really good effect on the gameplay itself. The use of its interface brings about a combination of the menus, and the typed input, while using the action of a mouse in accomplishing a variety of activities for your enjoyment.


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This is the only title in genres of this type past or present to ever put to use the hybrid of Sierra Creative Interpreter (SCI) 0 & 1 versions. Also using the interpreter for supporting it’s sound cards, with a parser text based interface. Sierra Online has created a game that flows smoothly, and no other of this type can hold a candle to it, Great Job, Sierra!

Gameplay in this is fun and exciting. And usually, your path will be pretty much awaiting you. You will have three different characters to choose from. Each are a different type than the other, they are: the thief, the fighter, and the wizard.  Each are unique, and their abilities depends on the situation that they are in. The storyline has a large amount of humor, with some lighthearted situations. You are going to find a large variety of puzzles throughout to give you some spur of the moment challenges.

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