Sid Meier’s Civilization V

9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

User-friendly UI. | Impressive graphics.

Minor issues with AI and unit movement.

The return of the flagship. This is a strategy game, that is also turn based. This is your opportunity to rule the world. Once you have established a civilization, all you have to do is lead it to what is known as the space age. You will be able to build an empire, and make it more powerful than any other.

The features and options will let you wage a war, discover some interesting technologies, participant with diplomacy, and meet face to face with a few of our history’s greatest leaders.

You’ll find that the presentation is inviting. And you will be able to start playing immediately, and go at the pace you feel like. The interface has been designed to ease new gamers into the gameplay. All gamers of this type of genre will appreciate the great depth, control, and details this series has highlighted.


You will be exploring landscapes that have graphics to make them appear realistic. In this world that makes everything believable, you will be able to claim the landscape as your own should you battle for them and win. This could possibly be the best civilization design ever to be developed.

The design has a new feature: Hex-Based gameplay grid, and it is going to open up some exciting  and fun combat, while building new strategies. A new diplomatic resource is a battleground, with state and city aboard. The diplomacy system has been improved, and now allows negotiation, and the leaders can be interactive.


The background music and effects are what you would expect out of  high quality sound. With a visual appearance stronger than most others of this type of genre. Never before has the graphics played a big part of the game, however, that is not the case in this new civilization series. It will allow you to switch from one type of view to another. This should tell you the extension of the expansion of this is.

Those of you who do not feel the need for a tutorial will be able to start right up an began enjoying what gamers are saying is the best civilization game on the market currently. This is playable online as well as offline. With the population modes, being continuously added to this, it will increase the replay ability.


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There has never been a gamer who played two games of this and found the both of them to be anywhere near similar in its gameplay. This version of civilization is much more accessible, and gives a great strategy experience. You want ever get bored, that’s for sure, and you’ll be playing it for hours.

It seems it can pull you into the story even though there has never been any plot established. You can come up with your own plot, and create your own directions, and even your own goals. Keep paying attention and you be able to pick up on some hints these will let you know how to get your desired outcome.

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