Stronghold: Crusader

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Open-ended gameplay.

Poor graphics.

Stronghold: Crusader continues the action and strategic gameplay of Stronghold, just having you play in the Middle East instead of Europe. You are going to be building your castle and taking down your enemy in this massive game that offers strategy, action, and creativity in one experience.

For anyone who has played the original Stronghold, there is a lot more to love here. It is a lot like the original, just with some minor changes. You are still completing the same basic tasks, just in a new form with some necessary alterations. It keeps you challenged and it forces you to update some strategies if you want to win.


Stronghold: Crusader and Stronghold have a lot in common. They are still the castle building, real time strategy, and action packed games that you love, just set in different areas with a few additions here and there. Since the setting is now in the Middle East, there are a few changes to accompany that. You have to farm on certain areas, as an example, because farming on the desert ground is impossible. You have several changes to your forces and the area as a whole, too, to match the new location. With the addition of HD graphics, you have all of this in a beautiful package, as well.

If you want to play Stronghold: Crusader, you are going to have to join the Crusaders or Saladin’s forces. This is a time during the crusades, full of fierce battles and nonstop action.


Choose the side that you prefer and go into the battlefield, ready to take down anyone who stands in your way. You are going to be taking the opponents down over four campaigns, each with historical connections that are going to educate and entertain you. Since the game is not strictly about education, you do not have to worry about it playing too heavy of a hand in the game. You can still strategize, build, and fight and have fun.

You have to battle your way through 100 skirmishes. These skirmishes are going to increase in difficulty the further in you go, so do not worry about Stronghold: Crusader being too easy of a game. While, at first, it is manageable, you are going to need to challenge yourself if you want to push yourself all of the way through to the end.


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Once you hit the very last skirmish, you are going to have to work harder than you did through the entire game. It is not easy, but it is certainly enjoyable.

Stronghold: Crusader makes playing easy. The controls are intuitive and you can see the entire battlefield on your screen. It gives you the chance to play through the game without feeling as if it is sluggish or confusing. While the game itself is difficult, the controls and how you play is going to feel smooth. This will give you the chance to utilize all features and to take down your opponents without the game presenting impossible obstacles.

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