Supreme Ruler Ultimate

8.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Can release annexed nations.

Incompetent economic AI.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate is brought to you by BattleGoat Studios. It’s been 14 years in the making with the Supreme Ruler series, it’s a real-time Geo-political Strategy game with a military concept. It’s available on both PC and Mac, and incorporates things from the past releases from stories and scenarios, to various features. You are able to gain control of any nation you desire from World War II until the Cold War, and even continue into the near future!

You will have the option of playing a part of history, or in more modern campaigns. You will have objectives and scenarios, choose one of the various set-piece options for a shorter game, or for a longer game you may choose to create a customized start. You can do this by deciding which nation you want, which era and even your preferred victory conditions. Because of the many options to start and finish, you can replay it and have a different experience each time!


Features Include:

  • Pick between Historical, or Futuristic Campaigns.
  • Play in Sandbox Mode and gain control over any nation you want, change the course of history.
  • Play historical scenarios for a faster, yet challenging experience.
  • You can experience the butterfly effect as you influence the timeline and cause a new outcome for thousands of various events in history.
  • Take part in diplomacy, espionage, even trading and intimidation. These will influence different policies of other nations.
  • Make scientific advancements as you lead your nation throughout the timeline.


  • Bring your economy up to date in order to support social and military policies.
  • Experience a sophisticated real-time strategy and tactic style gameplay as you control military.
  • Has in-depth and accurate historical events.
  • You get to choose your level of control, make all the decisions or get help from Cabinet Ministers.
  • Has a fully integrated weather system that will influence the outcome of battles.
  • Multiplayer can handle up to 16 people via Internet or local network on the PC.

If you have ever played the previous Supreme Rulers, you will love this one as it’s like combining the all into one amazing entertainer.


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Being the ultimate strategy game, the gameplay has a slow pace as you build up and maneuver while you are smashing into enemy lines. You are able to trade resources and technology with other nations, you may form alliances, and much more. It also allows access to tanks, infantry and transportation such as planes, and cruisers.

The map has an orthodox style to it, you are able to zoom down to the battalion level quickly, and zoom out to view the spherical globe. Game play it’s self offers multiple speeds to choose from as well, including pause and slow-motion. This is a fun game to add to your collection, you’ll have an exciting experience from the start and it continues throughout the game. You do have a tutorial to help get you started, but you will have to learn many of the tactics and strategies available as you play the historical scenarios. Such as invading Ireland, or Italy.

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