A Tale in the Desert

7.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Unique gameplay mechanics.

Outdated graphics.

A Tale in the Desert in an almost entirely player built and maintained world. While the developers do their job, of course, it is the players that work to bring it forward. It is a game that focuses on social gaming, crafting, and building, and doing all of while trying to build yourself up.

It is an MMORPG that stands out in the genre because it is just so different from other titles out there. It is able to stand out and give you an entirely unique experience. This is one game that you are not going to see anywhere else, and it is one game that can truly keep itself interesting.

A Tale12

When you start most games, you start with a tutorial. These tutorials give you a basic idea of how to play and what you should do. In A Tale in the Desert, however, you have no tutorial. You are not told how to play the game or how to do anything successfully. Instead, you have to find a mentor.

This mentor is another player who will assist you in learning more about the game. They will show you the ropes, just as players before them did, and they will help you to play successfully. You have to rely on other players throughout this entire game.

A Tale1_

Even when building and crafting, especially when taking tests, you have to rely on others. A Tale in the Desert has a major focus on social gaming, ensuring that you having to speak with others and reach out if you plan to do anything successfully. As you improve in the game, you even have to become a mentor yourself.

This means that you have to not only reach out for help and guidance, you have to be one of the people helping others, too. You have all of this without sacrificing the incredible gaming experience offered here.

A Tale9

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The experience in A Tale in the Desert is focused on building and crafting. You are building everything, and you will find that everything was built by other players. This is a world that relies entirely on the creativity and ability of players. If you want to make sure that certain structures exist, you have to put them there.

This is how the world has existed for so long and continues to grow. While the developers added some things, most of the world is actually player built.

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