The Kings’ Crusade: Arabian Nights

7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Technically proficient and well-designed.

Simple battles and boring combat AI.

The Kings’ Crusade: Arabian Nights takes you across several Arabian fables and has you meet a lot of the heroes that you already know well. You are going to be better introduced to many of them, and you are going to have the chance to explore their fables in greater depth.

The game is challenging and exciting, and it does not disappoint in excitement. Battle against an infidel King using heroes and spells and more, and unearth as much as possibly can. There is a lot hidden through this world, just waiting for you to find it all. There is no stopping the fun that this game has to offer.

The Kings'12

The Kings’ Crusade: Arabian Nights is an expansion of the original The Kings Crusade. If you played the original and loved the action and excitement offered, this is a game that you must play. This is especially true if you have done everything that you can in the game and are hoping to expand on your experience.

It is a fantastic game that offers numerous additions to this world, giving you the chance to do far more with a game that you already love. It is great for anyone who has yet to play through the original, too. You have the chance to explore more areas, grab more heroes, and do more as the hero.

The Kings 3

Summon the likes of Ali Baba, Jaffar, and more to help you in battle. If you can do it, they will give you a massive boost to your playing skills and what you can do. There are plenty of characters to unlock that can help you in battle, so do not stop with just one. You should find them all if you want to take down the king and come out the victor.

The Kings’ Crusade: Arabian Nights gives you even more ways to dominate in battle, as well. Abilities, spells, and artifacts surround you in this land, and you have to find them all. If you want to become the best at this game, you have to make sure that you put your all into it. By getting your hands on everything that you see, you can take control of the war and win.

The Kings 13

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To spice up gameplay, you have five events throughout the campaign. These add some extra challenges and excitement that you are not going to find in any other part of the game. They will keep you guessing and trying your best to win, and it may take a bit more out of you than you think.

Thanks to the excellent controls of The Kings’ Crusade: Arabian Nights, anyone can start playing immediately. Whether you are veteran of The Kings Crusade game or you are new to it, you should have no trouble getting started. It is a rather simple expansion that focuses on giving you more in your world rather than making any drastic changes. You can get into the game and play as you normally do, just with the chance to take more from it.

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