7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Solid and interesting game. | Good compromise between fun and realism.

Doesn't work with latest version of PhysX drivers.

The World’s leading supplier of oil is Saudi Arabia, also a U.S. allied. It has been reported that they have been taken by surprise, and by a group of radical terrorists. This group of terrorist are very well organized, and seem to rank pretty high up there for it’s been too easy a takeover in the people’s eyes.

You will be in charge of this entire mission, and you will be leading the United States Armed Forces into Saudi Arabia. It is up to you how you go about it but, it is necessary to find them and put a stop to this terrorist action ASAP. You will also be in charge of overseeing the soldiers in restoring what has been undone. You will first need to restore control, while helping them to get the capture the terrorist.

It will also be necessary to impound any of their vehicles you come across, weapons, and any buildings that need to be taken over. You’ll be using Abrams tank and an Apache helicopter. The setting has been designed to have that realistic feel to it.


You will lead the soldiers in search for the enemies. This will happen in and around the desert. Use different paths that have been established back into the different towns. All the soldiers will hold up in close quarters with the combat infantries.

They are to continue searching and destroying until these terrorist have been caught. There will be a lot of sleep lost, and possibly days without rest at all. These guys are looking forward to an economic collapse world wide, so take the elite forces and bring them down.

You will be destroying dangerous terrorist that are armed. So watch your back! The few soldiers that manage to survive will be by your side for every mission you give out.


Tell your men that failure here is not an options for them–This is warfare!

There is no better time to dominate their territories, using the U.S. latest satellite that gives you images of all things around you, head out there and start searching, expect no rest until this mission is completed.

The Russians will be helping out on this one, and luckily they are going to share their latest weapons. Working side by side the two nations, Russia and United States will bring an end to this madness.

Help to keep your army alive by continuously gaining more experience throughout the gameplay. You’ll be using some realistic physics to destroy all that gets in your path.


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Take advantage of your situation and keep the enemy on their toes. Keep your opponents in awe, and give them a nasty surprise now and then to get their moral wore down.

Keep tuned in with your men, and make them aware of the tactics to be used in each environment. You’ve got to cover all the open and empty spaces from the towns to the open desert.

There is 12 missions being offered here, and they are for the USA army corps, with the help of the Russians.

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